Our team

Jan Roodenburg and Bonnie Nixon are proven leaders in supply chain sustainability strategy and implementation.  With Jan’s 24 years of experience at Philips and Bonnie’s 12 years at Hewlett Packard, Supply Change Associates has have clearly demonstrated their ability to bring responsible social and environmental sourcing practices into complex supply chains while ensuring ongoing achievement of strategic and tactical corporate business goals.  Jan and Bonnie have lived and worked throughout the world including India, Taiwan, China, Eastern Europe, Europe and the Americas. In their roles at The Sustainability Consortium and Hewlett Packard, they are still keen to stimulaate other companies to move forward in their sustainability drive, as long as it does not conflict with their present roles.

Bonnie Nixon: is a leading global expert in social and environmental sustainability for corporations, complex supply chains, government and communities. As the former Director for Environmental Sustainability at Hewlett Packard, Bonnie managed the related short and long term vision, strategy, marketing, messaging, the climate policy and strategy, sustainability employee engagement program and the stakeholder relations program. Bonnie has accepted the role as Executive Director of the Sustainability Consortium.  Read more

Jan Roodenburg: worked for Philips Electronics for 24 years and lived and worked in Austria, Hungary, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.  He was personally responsible for the management of numerous factories and suppliers, including  General Manager of a Greenfield Factory and suppliers in Hungary, VP and Operations Officer of Business Units Monitors in Taiwan and as SVP, Business Group Industrial Manager in Hong Kong. As Senior Vice President Philips Supply Management, he was responsible for the global supplier development and sustainability drive for 4 years. Next to being Founder of Supply Chain Associates, Jan also gave advice on Industrial and Supply Management during 2010 and 2011. In September 2011 Jan was asked to join Hewlett Packard as VP, Supply chain for ESSN in EMEA. Read more