Supply Change Associates

Supply Change Associates are a network of experienced executives who supports executive-led sustainability transformation and effective solutions to complex sustainability and  supply chain challenges.  We advance industry leadership in supply chain sustainability, stimulate category-leading companies to assess their global supply footprint, and set the stage for:

Improving their competitive position; Reducing supply chain impacts,  costs and risks;
Boosting  reputation  that correlates to improved and more secure sales; and
Creating more resilient and sustainable partner suppliers.

The most competitive suppliers recognize opportunities to distinguish themselves and obtain greater market share from sustainability performance improvements.  Our client’s suppliers achieve business improvements in quality, productivity and delivery from increased worker morale, reputation, and market share.   
Supply Change Associates has extensive experience in facilitation with internal and external stakeholders, including working with clients to partner with activists in labour and environment and together develop more lasting solutions to challenging social and environmental issues. 

Supply Change Associates is ready to help you face and overcome the challenges and issues in the transition to tomorrow’s global, sustainable economy.