Risk Assessment & Landscape Analyses

We gave advice to Purchasing / Supply management

teams to identify sustainability risks and review actions

taking place in the commodty to mitigate and improve.

Our experience with over 2000 suppliers in different

commodities plus our global risk analysis expert network

ensured the approach was effective and fast.


Supply Chain Strategy & Design

We helped to set goals and targets for sustainability that

inspired the organization and achieved yearly break-


  • Resource Plans & Requirements
  • Milestone Planning & Timelines
  • Performance Indicators & Metrics

Policy & Standards

Identifying a Supplier Code of Conduct are known

to paralyse progress, as do decisions on which

approach to use and how fast.

With our knowledge of regulations and pitfalls,

we helped jumpstart your implementation.

  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Reporting Standards
  • Rating Indices
  • IT requirements

Training & Capability Building

With the experience of driving Philips and HP programs,

effective training programs have been designed for

Purchasing staff and for potential experts in Sustainability.

Worker training programs at Sites have been run with

expert network partners.


Verification and Reporting Systems

World-wide verification could be set-up and managed

by SCA, given their extensive experience. SCA used

expert best-in-breed companies to review auditing

done by regular auditing companies.

  • Baseline Risk (self) Assessments
  • Auditing & Corrective Action Programs
  • Internal & External Reporting

Internal & External Communication

Getting Executives on-board; media outreach and

achieving cross-stakeholder collaboration are key

elements of a well running program. SCA gave advice on:

  • Supply Chain Data Mgt & Reporting
  • Customer & Investor Rating Systems
  • Media Response & Outreach
  • NGO & Critical Stakeholder Outreach